The Southwest Conservation Club is rich in history and is quite a remarkable landmark in the Fort Wayne and Waynedale area. We want to encourage you to become a part of this history by joining the club. The Southwest Conservation Club is a place dedicated and focused on conservation efforts and as such, you will find that it is a place of diverse and healthy wildlife.

In the pages our Perspective Member Packet you will find more details about the rules, regulations and entitlements of becoming a member. All ranges, ponds and grounds are off limits to non-members, unless during a public event.

Each prospective member must complete the application as well as find a sponsor to endorse their application before applying. Along with the application, the first year’s dues must be paid and submitted to the Club. First year member’s dues are $150 plus a $25 initiation fee. Dues are $150 each year thereafter. New Members joining June 1st through October 31st are prorated $75. New members joining November 1st through December 31st remaining in good standing for the next calendar year.

As a new member, you will also have many opportunities to get involved and volunteer here at the SWCC. At the conclusion of your orientation you will have the chance to specify where you feel you could be of most help to the club. We encourage you and your family to get involved with the club.

A single membership includes immediate family members such as a spouse; or children under the age of 18.

Download/ Print:  New Member Info Packet (.pdf)   –    SWCC Map (.pdf)   –    SWCC Application (.pdf)

ARCHERY & GUN RANGE  (Members Only)


The range has recently been rebuilt and is in pristine condition! The Range was completely removed and rebuilt from the ground up during the summer of 2013.

Range Rules & Regulations

  1. Range use is permitted to members, their spouse, and children and grandchildren under the age of 21. As a courtesy, sworn police officers are permitted to fire their duty weapon only. Absolutely no guests of members or police officers!
  2. Shooting hours are from 9am to dusk (Monday- Saturday) and 12:30pm-dusk on Sunday. Changes in range hours, reduced shooting distances, and range closure will take place due to hall rentals and special clubhouse events.
  3. Sign in and out each and every time you use the range. The sign in box is located near the parking lot side of the range. There is a $1.00 donation (per person) required each time you shoot. Please place this in the box near the sign in location.
  4. 72 yards is the maximum shooting distance.
  5. Shot shells are to be shot at a designated area (empty section) of the range backstop only- far left end. There will be no backboard placed here. This is the designated area for patterning (please supply your own material to shoot at for patterning- scrap wood, paper, cardboard, etc). Slug guns no closer than 25 yards.
  6. No automatic firearms of any type.
  7. Absolutely no rapid fire! Allow at least one second between shots, to avoid the appearance of automatic fire.
  8. No armor piercing, incendiary, or explosive ammunition of any kind is allowed on the range.
  9. Paper targets only! Targets must be placed on the backstop, away from upright timber posts and below cables and cross support timbers. Do not shoot through the support timbers. No thrown targets, steel spinners, cans, or glass.
  10. It is your responsibility to clean up after yourself. This means paper targets, brass, shot shells, and your trash. Separate receptacles are available for brass and shot shells.
  11. Reminder: all members should carry membership card while on the premises and your sticker should be in your vehicle.

These range rules must be followed at all times. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the loss of range privileges.

The Southwest Conservation Club Range Safety

The range at the club is one of the only firing ranges inside city limits in the state of Indiana. Therefore, practicing safety and precaution while using the range is imperative in order for this privilege to continue to be offered by the club.

  • Safety and responsibility is your #1 concern at all times. One unsafe act could ruin range use for all members.
  • Eye and ear protection must be used at all times.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or other mind-altering substances should be used before or after range time.
  • When sighting with any firearm, start at 25 yards then work your way back.

If you have questions regarding the range please contact the range committee chair.

PONDS  (Members Only)


As a member of the Southwest Conservation Club, one would have access to the four beautiful ponds. All the ponds are connected and are accessible by boat, docks, or shore fishing. The club does provide a number of boats for members to use while fishing. Fishing and pond access is a privilege for members, their spouses, and children under 21 who are living at home. Members are welcome to fish any time, day or night.

What types of fish can you expect to find in the ponds?

  • Bass – All bass should be released unless noted on the sign-in sheet
  • Blue Gill – Limit 20 pan fish per day
  • Carp (Grass carp- triploid carp) – Do not attempt to remove from ponds as they control weeds
  • Catfish – Limit 3, 14-in minimum
  • Crappie – Limit 20 pan fish per day

Fishing Rules & Regulations

  1. All members must sign in and out in the fishing sign-in box. List the number of each fish caught. Please include the length and weight for bass caught.
  2. When out in boats or canoes you must have a life vest or flotation device with you at all times. These life vests must fit properly and be approved by the United States Coast Guard.
  3. No swimming or wading in the ponds.
  4. There is a $1.00 donation (per person) required each time you fish. Please place this in the box near the sign in location.
  5. Fishing is allowed for members, their spouses, and children and grandchildren under the age of 21 only. The member must be present for all fishing. No guests are allowed while fishing.
  6. Members may launch their private boats. No gas powered motors allowed. Propulsion by oars, paddles or trolling motors only.
  7. Fishing is allowed day or night.
  8. There is to be no fishing during trap and skeet shoots. All ponds must be cleared by noon on those day and they will reopen at the end of trap and skeet. (Trap and Skeet is every 2nd and 4th Sunday)
  9. No frogs or turtles are to be hunted or removed from the ponds.
  10. No Littering. Trash must be placed in the containers provided or taken from the property when you leave.
  11. No mutilating of fish (i.e. no damaging fins or tails to mark fish)
  12. Members may leave their boats on SWCC property at the boat launch area in pond 1. However, any boat left on the property is free for any member to use.
  13. Reminder: all members should carry membership card while on the premises and your sticker should be in your vehicle.

These fishing rules and regulations must be followed at all times. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the loss of fishing privileges.

If you have questions regarding fishing or the ponds please contact the ponds committee chair.

WALKING TRAILS  (Members Only)

The four ponds on the Southwest Conservation Club’s property are surrounded by wooded areas. These areas have been developed into a hiking and nature trail. This trail is mostly flat and considered a Class 1 Trail (level of difficulty is easy). The trail at the Southwest Conservation Club is a peaceful walk filled with the simple beauty of the nature that surrounds you. The trails are open to members only.

CAMPING  (Members Only)

Looking for a quiet place right here in Fort Wayne that you can bring your family to camp? The Southwest Conservation Club is just the place! Stay for the weekend, or even longer! The campground is a great spot for a peaceful camping experience with the ponds close by for fishing and the hiking trails for some exercise and observing nature. The campground includes electrical hookups for campers. Cost: Goodwill donation or $5.00 per day if using electric

There are restrooms available for use by campers. There is also firewood available for use. The Southwest Conservation Club asks that you kindly restock the wood supply at the end of your stay.

Camping Rules & Regulations

  1. Campsites are available on a first come first served basis. There are no reserved sites.
  2. Camping is a member’s only activity, including their spouse, and children and grandchildren under the age of 21. (No children are to be left unattended.)
  3. Campsites with electricity require a $5.00 donation (per night) to offset the cost of electrical. (Donations collected will be put into the general fund and recorded in the camping account)
  4. Primitive camping remains no charge, but donations would be appreciated.
  5. All campers are required to sign in at the sign-in box located on the south side of the garage.
  6. Any campers using club firewood are requested to help cut and split firewood to replenish the stock.
  7. No camper is to be left on SWCC property unless it is being used. If a camper is left on club property for 48 hours or more, unattended, it will be considered empty and will be required to be removed immediately. The maximum time any camper may be left on club property is 14 days. After this time period has elapsed, it must be removed from the property for a period no less than 24 hours. (Campers must be moved periodically to prevent killing grass).
  8. All motorized vehicles must be parked in the lane or in the parking lot. No motorized vehicles of any kind may be parked on the grass other than to load or unload campsites. (This list includes, but is not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.)
  9. All trash from your campsite must be placed in the trash container on the grounds. No trash is to be left on site.
  10. Campfires may only be made in the designated fire rings and should never be left unattended. If there’s heat or coals, there’s a potential for a fire to spread. You should always completely put out your fire. Excessive fires are not permitted. When a fire is lit, always use caution.
  11. The front doors of the club may be left open for access to restrooms. Contact the caretaker or camping committee chair person to arrange this. (Interior doors of club must be remained locked if front doors are open)
  12. Quiet hours for the campground are from 11:00pm until 7:00am. Please respect other campers.
  13. Reminder: all members should carry membership card while on the premises and your sticker should be in your vehicle.

The club campground is a privilege and is not to be abused. Any abuse may cause this privilege to be revoked. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration in making this campground an enjoyable place for all members to use.

If you have questions regarding camping or the campground please contact the camping committee chair


Every new member is asked to find a committee that interests them for their first year of their membership. Contact that committee chair, and get involved. Joining a committee is a powerful way to help new members get to know the club grounds, other members, and become immersed in the mission of the SWCC. Our committees are as follows:

Advertising, Archery, Bar, By-Laws, Camping, Communications, Elections, Fundraising, Beekeeping, House & Grounds, Kitchen, New Member Orientation, Ponds, Range, Rentals, Trap & Skeet, Website, Wildlife

Once you join, please see your Member’s Packet more information or to join a committee.


On the evening of your induction into the club you will be asked to read our pledge: “To promote true sportsmanship, and the principles of broad practical conservation. To promote legislation designed to conserve and restore wildlife to our coverts and water. To promote and cooperate in the beautification and purification of our rivers.” To the above objects I pledge my support as a member of the Southwest Conservation Club.

Renewing Your Membership

  • Dues are $150 and are due by January 1st of each year.
  • After February 1st the renewal fee is $155
  • Members without email can have a monthly newsletter delivered by US mail for $15 per year, payable with their dues. Email newsletters are free and included with dues.
  • Dues can be mailed to the club with cash or a check made out to “Southwest Conservation Club” or pay online with a credit or debit card by clicking here!

Work Off Your Membership Dues

  • Volunteers make things happen! For every hour that you volunteer with a committee, in various aspects at the club, you receive $2 towards your membership the following year. Hours do not go toward US mail newsletters.
  • Once you join a committee, the committee chair will track your hours for submission to the SWCC board.
  • There are many ways to get involved at the club, see the Committees and Club Involvement page for a list of committee options.

Monthly Member’s Meetings

  • When: Every 2nd Monday of the month starting at 8:00pm
  • Where: Southwest Conservation Club 5703 Bluffton Rd. 46809
  • Who: All members are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings

Bring Your Friends to the Public Events

These events are open to the public and we encourage you to bring friends and introduce them to the club.

  • Trap and Skeet: Every second and last Sunday of the month starting at noon (year round) $5.00
    • Sign in starts at 12:00 Noon and shooting starts at 12:30 PM until 4:00 PM
  • 3D Archery: Every second Saturday of the month starting at 9:00am (March- September)
    • Adults $10 / Children $5, 2 times around a 20 target course. Kitchen generally open
  • Fish Fries: The third Friday of each month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
    • Adults: $10.00; 6-12 years $5.00; Children under 6 FREE